Use Windows like Pro-User

Windows is the operating system of 1.5 Billion users. It has highest market share in desktop environment because 84 % desktop users use Windows OS.

People choose windows because they find Windows OS easy to use & cheap and everyone cannot use Linux also everyone cannot afford to have MacBook or iMac. So, Windows is quiet user friendly and cheap too. In 75-USD, you can have Windows 10 Home. There is a free upgrade for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users. For students, Microsoft also provide a fully featured Windows 10 Education they can get this edition from Microsoft DreamSpark.

Windows Security


Often Windows users are worried about the security and threats about their PC. And, usually they end up by installing some kind of antivirus. No one need to install antivirus until you’re not doing something wrong with your PC. Windows Defender is more than enough for the identifying and removing malware and threats. All you need to do is just keep up to date virus and spyware definitions. And, don’t install software from unverified publishers and keep your UAC (User Account Control) setting recommended.


Windows Usability


You can always customize your PC’s UI as you like. But there are some useful techniques to make use of them, like most Windows users just use Cortana for search not for setting alarms, making plans and many more things. And, also most user don’t use newly added feature virtual desktop, through virtual desktop you can as many desktops as you want because you don’t want to always change window when you have opened bunch of them. You can use Preview Pane for preview of the files without opening the file.

Using Keyboard

Many user like to operate or use through keyboard not through mouse or touchpad or even screen touch. Windows also provides an advanced terminal i.e. Windows PowerShell. You can write plenty of commands to use your PC like Linux. You can do invoke any application through this command line. On the other hand, Cortana is always there for you to help. You can say things to Cortana to get them done.


And, you can learn some Windows PowerShell command from, MSDN or by typing help in PowerShell terminal.

To read further click here.


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